Minotaur, Oil on Panel, Copper Centaur, Oil on Canvas, Bison, Oil on Canvas, Horse, Oil on Panel, Standing Bison, Oil on Panel, Centaur (Red), Mixed Media on Panel, Centaur 5, Watercolor on Yupo, Monument, Watercolor on Yupo, Shiprock, Watercolor on Yupo, Crown Dancer, Watercolor on Yupo, Copy of a Copy, Mixed Media on Panel, Centaur 4, Mixed Media on Panel, Indian, Mixed Media on Panel, Shiprock (Centaur), Pastel on Paper, When TR Shook Your Hand He Meant It (Centaur), Oil on Yupo, Centaur 3, Oil on Canvas, Centaur 2, Oil on Yupo Paper, Comanche 3, Oil on Yupo Paper, Shiprock, Pastel on Paper, Jim Thorpe, Pastel on Paper, Horse Man 2, Pastel on Paper, Horse Man 1, Pastel on Paper, Bigfoot Wounded Knee, Pastel on Paper, America 2019, Oil on Panel, Wounded Knee, Oil on Canvas, Comanche (armature), Oil on Panel, Comanche (black study), Oil on Panel, Buffalo Jump, Oil on Canvas, Comanche, Oil on Canvas, Bison Bison, Aquatint, Indian Centaur Intaglio, Aquatint, Assasination Of Crazy Horse, Oil on Canvas, Code Talker, Oil on Canvas, Lakota Women, Oil on Canvas, General Crook, Oil on Panel, Indian Centaur, Oil on Canvas, Prospect Park, Oil on Canvas, Bandito Pastel, Pastel, Clouds, Aerosol on Canvas,